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Performance Tweaks

The features of this group are designed to increase the speed of loading, running, shutting down operating system and other software by changing the standard system settings. Also, these features help to increase security, convenience, and energy efficiency of system.

A system reboot is required to apply some of the tweaks.

All features in this section can be returned to initial state by means of Red Button.

When you are opening the Features window, ticks on the Performance Tweaks tab corresponds to current system settings.

In this section following features are accessible.

Automatically Close Applications at Shutdown

Disable Active Desktop

Disable Automatic Windows Update

Disable AutoRun of CD/DVD

Disable AutoRun of Windows Messenger

Disable Balloon Tips

Disable Creation of Last Known Good Configuration

Disable CTFMON

Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard

Disable Low Disk Checking

Disable Dr. Watson

Disable Error Reporting

Disable Fast User Switching Compatibility Service

Disable File Association Web Service

Disable Firewall

Disable Inventory Collector

Disable Messenger Service

Disable Microsoft's Settings Experiments

     Disable Net Crawling
     Disables the automatic search for network folders and printers.
     OS: XP/Vista

     Disable NTFS Last Access Time
     When Windows accesses a directory on an NTFS volume, it updates the Last Access time stamp on each directory it detects. Therefore, if there are a large number of directories, this can affect performance.
     OS: XP

     Disable NTFS Short Name Creation
     By default, NTFS generates the style of a name containing eight characters and three characters for the extension. It allows to save compatibility with old versions of OS of Microsoft (MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.x).
     OS: XP/Vista

     Disable POSIX Subsystem
     POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX) - Windows subsystem developed for applications support POSIX. For overwhelming majority of users it is useless.
     OS: XP/Vista

Disable Print Spooler Service

     Disable Program Compatibility Assistant
     OS: Vista/7

     Disable Recent Document History
     Recent Document History contains links to files you’re opened for quick access to recently opened files.
     OS: XP/Vista

     Disable Recent Shares in Network Places
     Disables visited network shares being added to Network Places.
     OS: XP

     Disable Remote Registry Service
     Remote Registry Service allows remote users to change register parametres on your computer.
     OS: XP/Vista

     Disable Search Assistant
     Disable animated search companion.
     OS: XP

     Disable Search Indexer
     Indexing the contents and properties of files designed to increase the speed of finding files on the disk or text within a file using the standard Windows search program.
     In Windows Vista, when you turn off the indexing of files Windows Explorer will not display virtual folders elements.
     If you use the search function a little, turn off it to improve system performance.
     OS: XP/Vista/7

Disable Secondary Logon Service

Disable Sharing of Handwriting Data

Disable Sharing of Handwriting Error Reports

Disable SSDP Discovery Service

     Disable Start Menu Show Delay
     By default at opening of lists of the Start Menu Windows carries out a delay that slows down work.
     OS: XP/Vista/7

     Disable System Restore
     System Restore monitors changes to your system allowing you to roll-back to previous configurations.
     OS: XP

Disable Tablet PC Input Service

Disable Task Scheduler

Disable Thumbnail Caching

Disable Time Synchronization

Disable Universal Plug and Play Device Host Service

Disable User Account Control

     Disable Visual Effects
     Disables: combobox animation, mouse/cursor shadow, listbox animation, menu animation, menu fading, menu selestion fading, mouse hot tracking effects, tooltip animation, tooltip fading, gradient taskbar captions, menu shadows, windows animation, other common control animation.
     OS: XP/Vista/7

     Disable Windows Defender
     OS: Vista/7

     Disable WMI
     WMI is intended for collection of every possible reports on the fulfilled operations and about the occurred errors.
     OS: XP

     Disable Windows Media Player Automatic Updates
     OS: XP/Vista/7

     Disable Windows Media Player Automatic Codec Downloads
     OS: XP/Vista/7

     Disable Windows Media Player CD and DVD Media Information Retrieval
     OS: 7

     Disable Windows Media Player DRM for Imported Music
     OS: XP/Vista

     Disable Windows Media Player DRM Internet Access
     OS: 7

     Disable Windows Media Player Music File Media Information Retrieval
     OS: 7

Disable Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

     Disable Windows Media Player Recent Files List
     OS: 7

Disable Windows Security Center

Disable Wireless Zero Configuration Service

Optimize Hard Drive When Idle

Speed Up Closing Running Applications at Shutdown

Speed Up Closing Running Services at Shutdown

Speed Up Closing Unresponsive Applications

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