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Disable Advertising ID

This tweak allows you to disable or enable using your advertising ID for relevant ads in Windows and apps.

If a check mark is set, the advertising ID is disabled. If a check mark is removed, the advertising ID is enabled.

By default, the advertising ID is enabled.

Windows generates a unique advertising ID for each user on a system to show more relevant advertisements in apps based on your installed and used apps, and your browsing history. These advertisements can also be displayed in non-Microsoft apps. Some users don't like it. If you also don't want Microsoft to display targeted ads, you can disable using the advertising ID. To do this, use the "Disable Advertising ID" feature of the Red Button program.

Disabling the advertising ID also removes its value.


  • Increases security and privacy

Risk Level: GREEN

System reboot: not required

OS: 10, 11

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