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Red Button is an application for operating systems (OS) of the Windows family, designed to optimize the OS and clean up a computer disk from unnecessary data.

The main (but not all) objectives of the program:

You can read more about the app's functions in the relevant sections of this help.

To use Red Button, you must have system administrator privileges.

Before you install Red Button, remove previous versions from your computer, if they are installed.

Always use the latest version of Red Button. Because Red Button works with settings and data of software (Windows OS and applications) from third parties that changes over time, we monitor these changes and make appropriate adjustments to Red Button. Therefore, it is important to always use the current (latest) version of Red Button.

The Red Button program does not need to be kept open in background. After performing (by clicking on the red button) operations you have chosen, you can close it.

The golden rule of using Red Button

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

System Requirements

Install and Uninstall

Quickstart Guide


    Disk Cleaner

    Registry Cleaner

    OS Components


    Data Eraser

    Color-Coded Levels of Risk

Command Line Mode

System Restore

Portable Version

Supported Languages and Translations

Version History

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