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Data Eraser

Operating systems, including Windows, do not actually remove the contents of a file when it is deleted. Instead, they simply remove the file's entry from the file system directory, because this requires less work and is therefore faster. The contents of the file remain on the storage medium until the operating system reuses the space for new data.

This means that, given the right software, someone could reconstruct all, or parts of files that you've deleted.

Likewise, reformatting, repartitioning or reimaging a system is not always guaranteed to write to every area of the disk, though all will cause the disk to appear empty or, in the case of reimaging, empty except for the files present in the image, to most software.

The Data Eraser module allows you to completely remove sensitive data from a storage device by overwriting it several times with selected patterns.

Currently, we have the following features:

- Overwriting free disk space;

- Overwriting free RAM space;

- Erasing an entire disk.

Red Button supports different data erasure algorithms. You can view the list of them here.

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