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Christmas Elf Settings

To open the program settings window, right-click on the icon in the notification area (near the clock in the lower-right corner of your screen) and select Settings, or double-click the left mouse button on the same icon.

The Wind setting on the Snow tab sets the frequency of occurrence of the wind affecting the snowflakes trajectories. At the maximum setting value the wind blows constantly, at the minimum the wind does not appear at all.

The Speed setting on the Snow tab is designed for very rare cases. Most users will not need it.

If the snow is enabled, the Density setting on the Snow tab can significantly influence on the CPU load. The greater the density, the greater the load on a processor. Therefore, on computers with low productivity, it is recommended to use this setting very carefully. Also, on not fast computers before running applications demanding in terms of computer resources, such as games, it is recommended to disable the snow (Settings > Snow > Enable).

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