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System Restore

System Restore options is allows you to manage your Windows system restore points that allows return Windows to a previous state. Also, with these options, you can free up hard disk space (in some cases very significantly) by deleting unnecessary points.

System Restore is a component of some Windows operating systems that allows for the rolling back of system files, registry keys, installed programs, etc., to a previous state in the event of system malfunction or failure. System Restore does not restore user data or documents, so it will not cause users to lose their files, e-mail, browsing history, or favorites.

A restore point is a named snapshot of your operating system files, applications, and registry settings at a specific time. Applications and the system can create restore points when system changes occur. System Restore can also be configured to create restore points at regular intervals and users can create restore points at any time.

The System Restore feature is present in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Each of them has its own differences in System Restore.

Not all changes made by Red Button may be canceled by System Restore.

Disk Cleaner
    Files deleted by the Disk Cleaner module, in most cases can not be restored by System Restore. This is due to the fact that the module is capable to remove many different types of files, most of which are not executable, and System Restore monitors only for certain types of files, usually executable.

Registry Cleaner
    Any changes in your system, made using the registry cleaning module may be canceled by System Restore.

OS Components
    Some components that were deleted by Red Button, can be fully or partially recovered by System Restore. But we don't guarantee it. When you remove operating system components you should not count on the possibility of their recovery by System Restore.

Performance Tweaks
    Any changes in your system, made using the Performance Tweaks module may be canceled by System Restore.

Here are just a summary of the System Restore feature in Windows. For further information, please refer to the additional resources. For example:

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